Snowball Securities provides convenient account opening and ease of trading in global markets.Just one Snowball Securities account allows you to trade on the Hong Kong, US, and Chinese stock exchanges.

We are dedicated to providing global trading services which are efficient and low cost.

Our Service

Snowball Securities is an online stock brokerage firm that provides our customers with a fast and convenient internet based HK/US securities trading service. It is our mission to bring you a fast efficient and low-cost global trading service. With one account with Snowball Securities, you will be able to trade electronically in a wide variety of financial products worldwide (HK/US/China-A shares). Client funds will be held to the name of the client in client trust accounts.

Snowball Securities outsources the execution, clearing and settlement process of its securities trading business toInteractive Brokers(IBLLC), the largest US electronic brokerage firm. IBLLC provides global regulated brokerage companies with custodian and clearing services, and it is regulated by the SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA and other regulatory agencies around the world.

Broker Disclosure Statement

Please review theBroker Disclosure Statementcarefully, as it may contain important information regarding your Snowball Securities account and our service to you.

Super-low commission

Hong Kong stock, HKD 18 per deal the minimum, financing rate 1.6% at minimum.

Global investing

One account to access to US, Hong Kong, Chinese, and over 100 stock markets globally.

Easy to open an account

Minutes to complete the account opening process.

Ultra speedy trading

High - speed and stable trading system, free real-time market quotes.